Discover the story behind our passion for coffee and community.

Founded in Edmonds, Washington, our coffee shop is a labor of love. We believe in serving the finest coffee while fostering a sense of belonging in our community.

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Like Many great PNW origin stories, Stillhouse Coffee started in the garage of our family home in Edmonds, WA. Tucked away, close to home, watching our family grow–and with our four year old always trying to sneak away with our half drunk mugs in the morning!

We have been honing the craft of roasting coffee for almost a decade. During that time, roasting has become a cyclical process in the life of our eight person family. The joy of creating significant moments of connection over a curated craft with family, friends, and a handful of neighbors is what led us to bring Stillhouse Coffee to life right in the heart of our beloved hometown.

We are passionate about fostering meaningful connections within our local community and providing out-of-this-world hospitality to all who come through our doors, all within a beautiful atmosphere centered around savoring locally crafted, unique specialty coffee.

We cannot wait to host you! Welcome to the family!

Brian and Kristin Eastland

Savor the still.

Visit us in our coffee shop in the heart of Edmonds, WA and order your bag of coffee.